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Noevir’s exclusive flower essence, Éclat de Fleurs, was developed to protect and nourish for amazingly soft and supple skin. This luxurious skin treatment is perfect for anyone concerned with premature signs of aging—like dryness, lack of elasticity, dull complexion, rough texture, and heightened sensitivity. It also works as a perfect massage oil for the face, neck and décolleté area.

Key Features & Benefits:

• Immediately softens the skin with increased moisture-retention and elasticity.
• Strengthens skin, while boosting skin renewal.
• Aids in deep penetration of toner, moisturizer and skin cream.
• Soothing aroma promotes restorative relaxation for the mind and body.
• A unique blend of five flower essences provides the skin with increased elasticity for a healthy, glowing complexion:

Casablanca flower extract: Also known as “The Queen of All Lilies.” A beautiful white flower that helps soothe damaged and irritated skin, while providing a pleasant, elegant aroma.

Roman Chamomile flower extract: Has been used for centuries to calm red, irritated and stressed skin.

German Chamomile flower extract: Traditionally used to treat a wide variety of health issues. Its daisy-like flowers with yellow centers are concentrated with nutrients that helps reduce skin redness and sensitivity.

Arnica flower extract: A very fragrant herb with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties. Helps to promote skin repair.

Little Leaf Linden flower extract: Tea from this flower has been used as a traditional herbal remedy in Central and Eastern Europe for various ailments, including colds, fevers and sore throats. It is also highly concentrated with antioxidants to fight free-radical damage.

Usage Guide: Use morning and night after the toning step of your basic skincare regimen. Tilt the bottle to dispense 4-6 drops into the palm of your hand. Gently spread over the entire face, neck and décolleté area. Follow with moisturizer and skin cream.

Massaging Tips: Perform a soothing facial and neck massage once a week to dramatically boost hydration, while promoting natural skin repair. After the cleansing and toning steps of your basic skincare regimen, tilt the bottle and dispense 15-20 drops. Using both palms of your hands, gently massage the serum into the skin in a circular motion—for a rejuvenated, youngerlooking complexion. Follow with moisturizer and skin cream. For a relaxing bath experience: To create a soothing, aromatic bath at home, simply add 15-20 drops of Éclat de Fleurs to the warm bathwater.

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